Query Revit in Rhino Void's Host

See attached image below where a void is created attached to floor. I am trying a query the element used as parents to the void. This is done so that I can assign the parents workset to the void. Tried Element Host but no joy.

@kike @eirannejad Hi All, to simplify above is I wish to assign workset to void depending of the host element though GH. Anyone is able to assist me on such?

Is that inside a family or a Revit model? Are you building in-place models?

Just building as in-place opening cuts on my model

Hi @eirannejad, see below for illustration.

Is there any way to find the workset of the element of being cut and assign the workset to the opening cut in GH??

Jia, See attached GH definition that finds the Void, its workset and then sets to the parent workset.

It uses the python workset components found in the guide. As well as a custom python node that finds the void using the GetCuttingVoidInstances Method


re_findVoid_and_change_workset.gh (17.9 KB)


Hi @Rickson, what if is a opening cut? Does it work then?

Jia, The above definition should work with an opening cut. Can you provide a file or detailed description of the issue you are having?

Hi All, here is a sample file of what I am trying to achieve. The script doesn’t work so is it something wrong that I did?

Project1_.rvt (3.6 MB)

That method isn’t finding your InPlace Structural Opening Cut. If you can make your voids out of families it would work.

I’ll look for any additional methods that might work on that element.