Quantity takeoff plugin

Do someone know a quantity takeoff plugin or something like that for Rhino? (not Visualarq Reports) Thank you

Hi -
There’s Peter’s Tools

Thank you @wim,
I already tried Peter’s Tools, but It would be great to get a tool connect price’s voice with rhino object speficiations (area, volume, lenght, etc.) in automatic or manual manner.
Thank you again.

I have already developed a very similar solution, and I believe I could develop you a custom solution that fits your needs.
This is an example of a project I carried out that store the bill of materials, calculates all weights volumes, estimated expenses and so on :sa: Ship Designer : Export dynamic Rhino7 database to excel sheet, obtaining full workshop documentation - YouTube

In case you need a software solution specific to your niche to store data, calculate data, or automate modelling do not hesitate to reach out to me.
Email : f.serragedine@shipdesign.it

Thank you @farouk.serragedine for your time.
I will evaluate it!
Thank you again