Quadro P4000 + threadripper worse than M3000M +i7 6820HQ on viewport performance?

Hi everyone,

Recently I upgraded my rig to a Threadripper 1950x cpu + Quadro P4000. I realised that the smoothness of viewport rotation is worse than M3000M notebook. Upgraded the newest driver and make sure the hardware acceleration ticked. But it is still worse than my notebook’s performance.Why is it the case?


Are you testing it on Rhino 5 or Rhino 6?

See this youtube channel:

In that example they are using a P4000 quadro card

See if this helps:
In the nVIdia Control panel, 3D Settings > Manage 3D settings > Global Setting tab > Global presets: Choose “Workstation App - Dynamic Streaming”

In it’s settings, set the “Power management mode” to: Prefer maximum performance.

I’m running a Quadro P2000 with those settings and it works great.