QuadRemesh for nonmanifoldmerge surfaces

Hi, This function is really great. I’m running into some issues when surfaces are merged using nonmanifoldmerge command. See screen shot.

2cyl.3dm (55.1 KB)

@ming.ma.usa the Quad Remesh will not intentionally generate non manifolds. In this case it creates separate meshes for each of the surfaces that are non manifold.

How do I make the edge quads share the same vertex? Thanks!

split the horizontal tube using the two vertical segments, join the brep , remesh. The center segments will not align, but again, this tool does not generate non-manifolds so the breps are viewed as separate objects if not properly joined.

The two trimmed surfaces are unable to be joined. When I mesh them all, it becomes

. Is there a way to connect the trimmed surface quads to the other quads? Thanks!

There is not a way to remesh to a nonmanifold mesh where they would align. On the quadremesh roadmap we have plans to support aligning quads to points. This could make it possible to construct a nonmanifold from multiple meshes however this functionality may be down the road a bit.

Travis: I look forward to that function (i.e. a mesh only goes through a set of specific vertex of an edge curve. The mesh does not have to be all quads, but quads dominant). Thank you guys for the great work! Ming

Thanks @ming.ma.usa. I’ve bookmarked this thread and will update you once we have implemented the point alignment.