Quad View - Labelling Issue


I have had this issue before but the Rhino updates still seem to have the same problem.
When I am in Quad view, if for example I change the left view to show to back view - the view does change but the viewport label does not reflect this change in view.

It is very confusing especially when the model you are working on does not have a set front/back/side view etc.

Any news on when this issue will be fixed? I am aware that it might be a bug but this has been an on going issue since last year.

Version I am using is - Rhino 5.3.2 for Mac

Any updates or help with this would be great



Can you include screenshots to better understand the problem? What constructions plans is you working on? Standard or Universal? Thank you.


How do you make that change?
The thing with those viewport names is that they are exactly that - just a name. You might as well just call them orange and green.
There are inbuilt named views that set up the cameras in a more logical way (front, right, top,…) but you can override those - as you have noticed.
If you set your views by calling the inbuilt names, things should be more as expected. I’m on Windows only but that should work on a Mac as well: just type ‘back’ and both the view and the name should be ‘correct’.