Quad remesh problems on gh

When I confirmed the difference between rhino command’s Quad remesh and gh command’s Quad remesh, there are a difference about smoothing of mesh.

Is gh mesh rough?

Does anyone know the cause of this?
*im sorry for not preparing gh file.

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Hi -

Yes. Currently, the Quad Remesh component in Grasshopper doesn’t take NURBS surfaces as input for the Mesh input. When you do feed it a surface, this surfaces gets converted to a mesh on the fly. At that point, it’s the meshing settings that will decide what the output will look like.
You can control the meshing of Breps with the Mesh Brep component:

Note: this issue is on the list as RH-61038.


@k.tsuku.14 have a look at this post where I propose a solution: Edwin Hernandez on LinkedIn: #rhino3d #gh3d #grasshopper3d #computationaldesign #consulting #aec…