Python version of Demand Load Script wish


curious if a python version of the “Demand Load Scripts” would be possible to cook up? That has saved me hours over the years.

if it’s possible, would the same script work for the Mac version too?

thank you.

No, I don’t believe it is possible to write a clone of this in Python - sorry.

bummer. thanks for replying though.

been some years, just curious, still the same status? not doable? thanks

Hello - Since there are no startup scripts for py currently, this would seem to presuppose implementing that as well - is that want you have in mind, some sort of startup script list? Note than you can compile one or more python scripts into a plug-in and these are loaded on demand.


hmm, i might look into that approach. i think the last time i tried i ran into an issue with quickly adding 500+ scripts to the plugin. iirk i had to pick them one by one. i’ll have to revisit it though.

i’ve been using the startup script for years and it made collecting and trying out scripts to much easier, throw script in my repo, copy the path to script file, make a new line in the startup script, put the info in, and done. i have about 600 individual lines in my StartUpScript that are registering script so i’ve been putting it to good use. then i also have access to the scripts so i can change them and reload rhino if needed. no more setting up macros/aliases/button pointing to the file directly, or pasted code into a button, or having the "add alias line at the top of the scripts to make an alias and register the command on DnD.

with python, i’ve tried to keep the same system/organization, but after a few years into the python migration my standards fell apart, i’ve got scripts getting pulled from the file with an alias, i’ve got them embedded in button.

one thing that was nice about the startup is, on an entry line, the first field is what the user wants to type to run the command, next is the real name of the command to run in the script, last, path to the file.

i start filling the first field with my initials rg then i use the command name, rgConvertSrfMerge the rg tells me that is a command being run out of my library. also for a commandline search i type rg and all of my custom rg commands are listed.

but yeah, my python repo is a dump pile and i’ve used all these inconsistent ways of getting them into Rhino so i can use them. and it is getting on my nerves. because when i need to fix/change/update a script i have to find out where i used the original on. was it copied into a button? was it mapped through an alias? did i reference it and it wasn’t even in my repo.

sorry for the long write, i’m just explaining why i still have interest in this if it is possible, or maybe there is another way to handle py scripts