RunPythonScript Command

Sorry for the following dumb question:

Following install of Rhino 4-7-14 (OSX 10.9.2) I have installed python via python20120911.macrhi and restarted Rhino. Where exactly am I supposed to see the command “RunPythonScript”? Is it inthe pulldown menu? Is it a keystroke involkation? I can’t find it.


Nope, you’re not crazy— it’s noplace to be found. You just have to type it out. If you use it a lot, you can add a custom button to a tool panel and set its value to RunPythonScript.

Or an alias…

I did like @evan_jones and created a button, Though not very good in Python, I do have simple startup scripts that I run almost everyday.

IHTH randy

Thank you all for your help and input. I am developing designs entirely within scripts because it makes editing and versioning easier. It is painful in this work pattern to have to restart rhino each time the script changes. A “flush” or “reset” button would be fantastic.

@stevebaer Do you have any advice here?

You shouldn’t have to restart the system each time a change is made. You may want to explore the reload feature in python.

I have looked around at python reloading and found it gets complicated fast. The following quote from a help site is characteristic:

"Hot reloading is not something you can do in Python
reliably without blowing up your head. You literally cannot support
reloading without writing code special ways, and trying to write and
maintain code that supports reloading with any sanity requires extreme
discipline and is too confusing to be worth the effort. Testing such
code is no easy task either.

“The solution is to completely restart the Python process when code
has changed. It is possible to do this seamlessly, but how depends on
your specific problem domain.”

So I think I will need to suck it up and restart Rhino or change my workflow so the bulk of the functional debugging is done externally.