[python] Usage of HiddenLineDrawing class example?

Hi How should I use this when it’s a sealed class?

I tried to derive it and I get an error:

When I tried it differently I get a result None:

ignore the typo with the Flatten, the result is the same even if it is: drw_params.Flatten = True

I got something:


Now how do I add this to the document? Is this a curve?

I found this thread:

But I get an error:

Thanks @Helvetosaur, Thanks @rajaa

These two threads helped me get started.

Here is a sample that you might also find helpful.


– Dale

Thanks Dale,

Could you explain what is a snapshot that this script requires my document to have?


– Dale

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@dale can I automate the snapshot creation?

Say, I know which layers to be visible and I do this with a script and I create a drawing with a script, can I put also snapshot creation in a script?

I don’t see anything in RhinoCommon that lets you save or restore snapshots. But the command is scriptable.

– Dale

I see only one command “Snapshots” and what it does is to open the panel. How could I create new snapshot and select the states?

Run -snapshots (notice the hyphen…).

– Dale

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Thanks @dale