Python typo: message and title swapped in PropertyListBox


I am playing with Pythons userinterfaces and found that message and title are swapped in PropertyListBox:

PropertyListBox(items, values, title=None, message=None) <— current

PropertyListBox(items, values, message=None, title=None) <— should be



Where are you seeing this?

Good morning Marcus,

I get this in Rhino 5 for Windows 64-Bit SR12 in the Rhino Python Editor:

And here the result:

All the best


rs.PropertyListBox() is just calling this.

And this:

Gives this:

Perhaps I am blind, but I think assuming title means window’s title is the only mistake here. (Although I think one could say something like ‘unglücklich gewählt’ then…)

Hi Marcus,

yes, and no big thing. But wrong to me, when I try the different userInterface functions in Python.

Take care


@Michael_Meyer, this is incorrect as you’ve noted.

– Dale

RH-38653 is fixed in the latest WIP

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