Python splitting multiple curves

Working on a custom component and need to split multiple curves against one another. I’ve been able to get my Parameter values for each curve, but continue to have errors when trying to use different split components. I think its either a Guide or String issue with the values being funneled, but not sure how to resolve this. Attached the component if needed.

210929 (8.4 KB)

I have tons of similar stuff but are all in C# (You can’t auto translate’m to P). So if the logic is readable (somehow) … get the gist of the approach:


I didn’t come back to this for a while, but was able to work out a solution.

I feel like when I use grasshopperpython library its cheating. And going through it I know I could use Rhinosyntax, but was getting annoyed with the GUID issue.

It does save me close to 100ms of processing time. So that’s a win for me :sweat_smile:

Attached for anyone to play with or improve.
Shatter (3.1 KB)