Split multiple curve

Hi everyone

I want to split intersect curves as you can see
but it is hard work to me
I’m beginner
I need your help^^

split multiple curve V6Beta.3dm (54.5 KB)
split multiple curve.gh (6.6 KB)

Do you want to split the curves, or do you want to split the surface using those curves as boundaries?

I want to split like a picture

Check Attached definition…

split multiple curve_re.gh (10.9 KB)

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Thank you So much. It’s good work
감사합니다 ^^

thank you HS_Kim for this good work.
I had a message about human, I do not have this plugin is it necessary.
can anyone explain the options of the Multi curve and shatter components. to understand my concern look at both examples provided. why the first definition cuts the curves while the second one does not cut at the points of intersection

Mlticurves-Shatter.gh (10.7 KB)

I dont understand what’s in IA IB tA tB
thank you

sorry I know this is irrelevant, but what are using to get the color picker under your command line ?