Python rs.command("-_print")


Is there a way to use rs.command("-_print") in python and not having to select preview before accually printing the document?

I see three options in ths dialog:
Go, Setup, Preview.
What does Go stand for? (nothing hapens when pressing it except the function ends)

Also is there a way to use -_print to set name and destination of the printed document?

Hope this makes sence.
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-_Print _Go _Enter would try printing into your current print setup.

rs.Command("_-Print " + " _Enter " + newFilename + " _Enter", true);`

should work if you want to print into a new file with “newFilename” being the variable.

Hi, Thanks for the replys.

I get nor of the two options to work.

Seams like I can’t input name or path to where the file is suppose to be placed.
Shouldn’t the path+filename be possible to add under -_print -> _setup -> _destination menu?

More suggestions are welcome.

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@stevebaer is it only me who can’t get this to work, or is it not suppose to be possible to print pdf directly from rs.command("-_print")

Thanks in advance

Printing a Rhino document should work like described above. But since you’re printing a pdf you could try using System.Diagnostics.Process.
Something like:

from System.Diagnostics import Process, ProcessStartInfo
p = Process( );
psi = ProcessStartInfo( )
psi.CreateNoWindow = True
psi.Verb = "print"
filename = r"myfile.pdf"
psi.FileName = filename
p.StartInfo = psi
p.Start( )

Hi Alain,

Thanks for the help!
That bit of code is a bit to much for me to take in =)
Is that python language?
I tried it out in the python editor (where the rest of my code is) but it only gave me:
“The system cannot find the file specified”

The help is much appreciated!
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I noticed in How to print a pdf from python? that using
_-Print _Setup _Destination _Printer “Microsoft Print to PDF” _Enter _Enter _Go
gives a new promt to:
Save file name (browse):

But Changeing to:
_-Print _Setup _Destination _Printer “Rhino PDF” _Enter _Enter _Go
Gives no option, instead I get to “save Print output As” dialog.

I would like to have it as the “Microsoft Print to PDF” option but with “Rhino PDF” printer.
This way I don’t have to write a filename in the dialog box and pressing Enter.

Is this understandable?

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I would recommend using the following technique for saving with Rhino PDF

Thanks @stevebaer!
I knew I had read this somewhere.
Sorry for the double posts

Best regrads

Steve, is there a similar method to capture the layout pages to PNGs? This is awesome, by the way!

Hey Brad,
Capturing to images is handled by the ViewCapture.CaptureToBitmap functions

Perfect! Thanks, Steve.

One interesting little thing… I have a display conduit that draws some geometry. I also have some clipping planes that apply to 2 of 5 DetailViewPorts in a layout page. Using the CaptureToBitmap method, the clipping planes are respected. However, they are not respected for the PDF export method.

Hey Brad,
Please start a new thread with details of the bug. It sounds like there is something to track down here. Thanks!