Push / pull surfaces like sketchup

Is it possible to push or pull surfaces to manipulate them like in sketchup? that would be great… at the very least I was hoping to have control points for a poly surface like there are for curves?? Is that possible?> thx

Check out SolidPtOn… If your surfaces are all planar (as they are in Sketchup) you can do a lot with them. If they are not planar, all bets are off.

Check out the Gumball manipulator with sub-object selection. See the Help for more details.

However, don’t expect Rhino to work like Sketchup in this regard, it won’t. Two completely different systems of representing objects.



H- Great advice!!! I did not know about these commands and they are exactly what I was looking for THANKS>! -e

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See Brian James great video on using gumball:

Thanks Cosmas-

Hi ethank,
I ran into your message looking for another thread.
In reviewing your message, I did not see that anyone shared this link with you.

We have a video specifically on using Rhino like Sketchup (that was done a little over a year ago), with the push-pull approach and the use of Gumball for subobject selection of surface and edges…
Using Rhino like Sketchup

Sorry for the late reply.
Hope this is helpful to you.
Mary Ann Fugier

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I know this is a very old thread but I wanted to I have asked this question many time myself and I think I have a great solution to share.

I completely agree with the above-using control point but it is a little time consuming and its the sketch up push-pull design approach which is really at the heart of the topic.

So my answer is
Push = extrude
Pull = make hole

For bonus points, Rhino has fantastic control much more than sketch up over both these processes. They are extra command but they allow one to array or move a hole or extrude surface to a point.

These commands can all be found under surfaces - extrude curve or solid solid edit tools holes. Another option is wire cut.

Check out for more hole manipulation:

Hope this helps someone looking through the threads.

ONE more thing sketch up to Rhino convertos. There is a plugin called Jamparc that actually has a push pull command as well as a work on surface commands and more.


Many people like Sketchup because Push and Pull feature. In the Rhinoceros, there are hidden feature behave like it. I will share with you feature: Snappy gumball in Rhino.
Youtube: https://youtu.be/3yynx_Aa1AI

Hi, I was looking for the same answer, and found this two videos teaching how to emulate push/pull in Rhino v.7, which is very useful.
Rhino for SketchUp Users - Push/Pull Modelling Explored in Rhino3D v7
I hope this information would help someone new to Rhino as I am.
Cheers. :grinning:

Hi Jonathan -

For what it’s worth, PushPull is a new and native command in Rhino 8.

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