Sketchup like push/pull functionality requirement

How can I do Sketchup style extrusions and pushing in Rhino as seen in the attached video?

The closest I can get to sketchup like pulling is by moving a face in Rhino.

You would have to explode the Brep, split a face with a curve, join everything and then extrude

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For people that stubbornly want to stick to their Sketch Up routines. :wink:

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Thanks for this! Just tried it out. Works very nicely!

I’ve used this method before. It takes longer than Sketchup. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well then use Sketchup or the plugin above

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actually, i don’t think you need to explode. just run split face, select curve, select face, enter.

just remember, rhino doesn’t move faces like sketchup or a solids modeler unfortunately. except for planar extrusion like features. i have to do this a lot so i have a script to export a selection to a dummy file in rhino and a script in solidworks to open dummy file. do my moves. script to export back out of swx to dummy file and a script in rhino to import dummy file. doesn’t apply to your needs really. just showing what a pain it is that rhino doesn’t MoveFace properly in my opinion.



These represent two equally reasonable (IMHO) opinions of what “Move Face” should represent. Apparently each program interprets it in one of the ways (I’ve never used SU). I wonder how many SU users are complaining it doesn’t work like Rhino.

I think that Rhino’s way is truly how “MOVE face” should be interpreted. I also think that Rhino should implement the other alternative as well; I’m just not sure what to call it. “Move slice”?


i guess it is potato/potatoe. when i think move face, to me logic says, i want to move this face and only this face. all associated faces should stay and be extended with the move, not translated and scale. but i realize for that to happen the associated faces need to be able to “extend” to meet the new location of the face. which we all know, extending isn’t always possible on some surfaces.

but i am biased by “my” needs and not necessarily “our” needs. this has been a frustration of mine for some years so i have some strong-ish opinions on the functionality.

in the end, i’m just happy that i have made a workaround with juggling between the two. so i’ll settle with that. for now… :wink:

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