Push Pull, not working with curves?

It happened more than a few times, but sometimes PushPull doesn’t work. The surface is highlighted correctly where lines are drawn, but it wouldn’t pull or push.

Here’s a screenshot and the model. The baseboard is already pulled out, and the same lines are copied up to push out wainscot. The PushPull command highlights the selected area, but it doesn’t work. Other surfaces where the curves are not on will work including the baseboard. Tried newly drawn curves, but it didn’t work either.

Push Pull not working.3dm (93.9 KB)

Hello- that seems to be working here - check the command line when that region is highlighted - does it still ask you to select the regions? If so, hit Enter to start the push-pull.



That’s it. Thank you very much.
I didn’t think to check because it usually is just click and pull, without needing to hit enter.