Pushpull limitations?

I am not able to pushpull an area created by a full width arc on a elongated box extrusion. I can pushpull if I put a circle inside the boundaries of the surface. Are there limitation or maybe a setting I am not aware of?

Can you provide an example of what’s not working?

Extrude with extend mode on face (a) works but an unexpected surface appears (you see a small floating rectangle).
If I extrude face (b) into the volume, the command does not subtract.
Push_Pull incorrect.3dm (965.3 KB)
It doesn’t even work if I try to extrude the triangular face (c), either inward or outward:

Could it be a bug?

Here you go… (image, plus file)

PushpullFail.3dm (83.1 KB)

For this example the latest Rhino 8 build is working for me. Perhaps one of PushPulls dependencies had a fix recently which resolved this. You can try updating to the latest Service Release Candidate and see if that helps.

Do you remember how you made that sliver?

I think that’s the source of the subsequent errors but I can’t tell how you created it from this example. To get rid of it, explode that polysurface, select the sliver, delete it, then join the other parts back together.

Yup, that did it! Thanks!

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Apart from the fragment, the push and pull does not extrude well, as I tried to explain.

That sure looks like this one: RH-78708 MoveEdge: Collapse planar face creates bad object