Purple Screen on my macbook

Hi there,

I have a macbook pro with retina display 15¨ and 2 days ago I and a friend of mine installed rhino for mac from your website. The day after the installation both laptops until today have some problems with the screen. For example my friends laptop have horizontal white lines and now its even worse because she cant even open her laptop. My problem is a little bit smaller but its scares me. Every time I open my laptop a purple screen appears including the logo as well and it last for 1 with 2 seconds. . I already spoken with Apple Support Service and they told us to speak with Rhino support because they said it happened in 2 laptops that installed the same software at the same day, so probably it would be the programs fault. Has someone else similar programs?

No, this is not Rhino’s fault. Rhino is just an application and is prevented by OS X from drawing onto the screen outside of the windows that belong to Rhino, nor is it able to draw on the screen at all if the program is not running.

These both sound like hardware problems. You can confirm that Rhino is not the problem by dragging Rhino from your Applications folder into the Trash and restarting your computer. I am certain your display problems will continue.

the truth is that we did that on my friends computer and as you said nothing changed. but i think is weird that this happened with 2 laptops the same day. isn’t it weird?

Suggestion: take a snapshot of your screen. If the weird stuff is there you have a driver problem, if not the hardware is failing.

GPU on the fritz

My sons MacBook Air infrequently had lines across the screen and failed to boot. When I dropped it in to Apple it was fine of course. I had the same symptoms with an old white iBook and it ended up being the logic board.

When the problem reoccurred on my sons Macbook Air we took a video and photos and submitted it to Apple. The computer went back to work properly for a while but the next failure was outside of warranty. Because we had lodged the video and photos inside our warranty period Apple replaced the logic board without a word.

Actually they replaced it 4 times. Three times the replacement logic board was DOA. Unbelievable.

This is what his screen looked like with a bad logic board…