Purge - Layers Linetypes and Materials options remain on 'Yes'

When using the Purge command, I can switch on and off the following options:
BlockDefinitions DimStyles Groups HatchPatterns
but no more
Layers Linetypes Materials, they remain on ‘Yes’.

Tested on several Rhino files
I had already used this function with last options. It used to work.

Rhino5 SR12 - Windows 10

Hi Alan - do you mean the setting does not work at all, or is not remembered between uses of the command, or between Rhino sessions?


Unused information to purge ( BlockDefinitions=No DimStyles=No Groups=No HatchPatterns=No Layers=Yes Linetypes=Yes Materials=Yes ):

When I click on BlockDefinitions=No, it switches to BlockDefinitions=Yes
When I click on Layers=Yes, it remains on Layers=Yes

HI Alan - what if you type Layers? Is the Layers command line option showing as a sort of overflow from a too narrow command line, by any chance?


You’re right
If I type Layers then the Layers trigger switches.
If I increase the size of the command line so that the all command fits on a single line, then I can use the mouse with all triggers.

Yeah, this is an intermittent but annoying problem that has been around for years. I’ll see if I can give it a nudge and get it fixed once and for all.