Pull Surface and also ripple surface fabric commands I cannot see such a way?

Hi, V5,
A poster in Serengeti asked how to pull surface to a quick and dirty polysurface.
sort of Vacuum forming, which is a great way of envisaging this.

I also need to pull a surface onto a fabric rippled surface in Rhino that I use (not serengeti but ‘normal’ rhino) , I google Rhino Pull surface and find nothing about pulling a surface onto another. Has Rhino no means of vacuum wrapping a surface to another ? Most surprised to see it hasn’t knowing what Rhino is all about.

What command to impart a ripple in a surface, like a fabric effect ?

Not quite the quick and dirty as I stuck it in the washing machine beforehand :laughing:

However I need this to be in a Rhino so deleting this post.



if you want the fabric effect for rendering only, there is bumpmap and displacement.
if you want further help, you might want to upload an example, a rhino file, a sketch or reference picture…
there is also some fabric simulation that is done in grasshopper / kangoroo

ok … you are refering to this thread in the forum - just for other users to see the link.

Hi, the rippled canvas I need is on this ‘petal’ there are 8 of them (clones) arrayed polar, I have done one, each one gets layed down as such in a clockwise route, they look far too false at the moment. they are canvas 0.03inch thick. Having been flat before being folded over to a dome shape, they are bound to crease a bit !
To get an impression of the fabric overlapping is also sought.
What fabric commands have we ?

looking at the first link I cant see how those would ripple this fabric as such, just need a command that calls for direction of ripple, or allows a draw on surface to denote the ripples centres, then pulls or pushes the surface in the Z axis at those indicated lines. Something that takes a minute or so, as the engineering tools are going to take many hours. Some progs bend sheet metal taking seconds, Rhino is more involved. Doing a twist bend one has to work out what it would be like then construct it but its not easy to envisage that, its why CAD is used to show what it would turn out like.

A mesh editor can be used to sculpt fabric with all sorts of crease and push pull tools, but I am modelling a piece of hardware with fabric on it and creating 2D plans etc.

If I want to model a canvas over hoop military lorry when it comes to the canvas, I hit a brick wall yet thought Rhino dod organic shapes.

flapv7.3dm (1.0 MB)