Pull Surface

Is it possible to create a function that allows me to pull a surface onto a quick and dirty polysurface and it follows the shape as close as possible ( like a vaccum forming approach )

the resultant should remain a clean open surface.

Might be a stupid question but I m curious.



Hi Alexandre - depending on the complexity, you might be able to Mesh or ExtractRenderMesh the polysurface and Patch to all or part of that.


Very interesting
thank you Pascal

Drape - although somewhat difficult to work with - could be worth trying.


Yeah I thought about that one , but it doesn t yield a nice surface

Pascal s approach is better even though it s using a Patch

I was thinking more like creating a single span surface that was pulled from a polysurface which was intended to capture the design intent.

The clean open surface could then be refined and details added.

I know it s a bit of a pipe dream what I m asking and a case of easier said than done.

but imagine you did a whole car side using polysurfaces. It doesn t need to be superb. Then you pull a big rectangle surface in front of that polysurface ( , car door for example etc… ) The resultant is a big, clean surface where it s control point match the polysurfaces boundaries. The I can pull the CV s of that new surface to make adjustments and so on.

Anywho, I ll keep dreaming



An alternative way of using Patch when the polysurface has four boundaries. Create four boundary curves at the desired locations. Then use EdgeSrf or NetworkSrf to create a surface using the edge curves, Then run Patch as Pascal suggested but use the Select Starting Surface option with the just created surface as the starting surface and Preserve edges checked…

that s awesome David

I think it s a good improvement. I totally overlooked that aspect of Patch.

It could fit my needs

thanks a bunch