Pull Grips / Controlpoints to Curve or Surface


As per request in another topic I translated 2 scripts from VB to Python to work on Both Windows and Mac:

PullGripsToCurve.py (741 Bytes)

PullGripsToSurface.py (727 Bytes)

The script pulls controlpoints (aka grips) to the selected curve or surface.

If you run the script once via the scripteditor, it wil register an alias with the filename minus the extension. So command aliases will be PullGripsToCurve and PullGripsToSurface.
( I don’t know if this works on the mac side as well; please let me know)

Change the filename before running and that alias will be registered
Keep in mind that the scriptfile should remain at the locate from where you ran it. so choose it wisely or just rerun it after moving.