WISH V6: Pull Control Points

The pull command does not work for control points. Why is this? Can it be added to V6?

Sometimes I pull only part of a curve is within the normal of a surface and the pull command just lops off the overhang. I’d like to be able to turn control points on and just pull part of a curve.

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Hi Eric,

FWIW, I have these scripts that pull Grips (aka controlpoints) to a curve/surface and a bonus that pulls points to a curve.

If you drag and drop the .rvb file over Rhino it registers an Alias linking to that particular file (so store it well)
The alias name is the filename without the .rvb part, so you can rename it befor drag&dropping.

wd_PullGripsToCurve_01.rvb (1.1 KB)

wd_PullGripsToSurface_01.rvb (1.2 KB)

wd_PullPointsToCurve_01.rvb (1.1 KB)



Thanks Willem. I’ll definitely give these a shot today.

This is great. Can I make these work in the Mac version?

I’ve had to edit control points on some compound curvature and I run into a wall.

Hi James,

To get this functionality to work om a MAC the scripts need to be re-written in Python :disappointed:.
I myself do not have the time for it atm unfortunately.


I wonder if it’s possible to write a translator from VB to Python… Found something like this: http://vb2py.sourceforge.net.

Is this something that could be translated with grasshopper (for Mac)

Hi James,

Here you go, let me know if it works for you on the mac side:



WOW! Thanks for the work. I’ll download and check them out this week.

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How about pulling onto a Mesh?

Is anything implemented in V6 close to this yet?

Hi - In the Rhino 7 WIP, you can pull control points of a curve onto a mesh.

Thanks! What’s the command? Is there anything implemented for Willems scripts at the moment regarding curves/surfaces?

The command is Pull.

I’m not familiar with the scripts. Could you explain which functionality you are after?

Ah I see - just tried it. Great!

Just the earlier scripts, of pulling grips to curves and surfaces. Of course, the scripts work fine still anyway… so why double up the work I guess.