Tween Multiple Surfaces

Hello People ,

Ive bin playing with Pufferfish … Now i seem to have a problem.

I cant manage to Tween through all three surfaces.
GH is distributing the tweens the “wrong” direction , or it just “ignores” one of the surfaces…
I tried to swap UV direction for every single one of them witch didnt make a difference … except how its doin it “wrong”…

Thankfull for all inputs,

greetings Toni

when i bend my tower u can see that they are connected … so tween is working …

Question is how to do it properly

Best practice is to use a “merge” component instead of dragging multiple outputs into one input. This way you can make sure everything is in the right order. Looks to me like your inputs are in 132 order instead of 123

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You may also want to check the “normalized” input in the surface tween component, I think some pufferfish components take a domain that ranges 0-2 for 3 surfaces, 0-3, for 4 surfaces etc. Normalizing the domain will make sure it accepts 0-1 for all three of your surfaces

Edit: Default is 0-1

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Also, since a 2D picture is worth a 10^3 words, each dimension is worth 10^(3/2) = 31.6228 words, so a sculpture is worth (31.6228)^3 =31,623 words.


Your surfaces are just in the wrong order.


Haha that is great!

Normalized is True be default, unless @toniiiliev changed it to False.

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