Pseudo TSP : The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai (~1829)

The The Great Wave off Kanagawa made with my tool to populate an image with circles then application of some pseudo TSP. Here there are 59083 points and the calculation time is ~4 minutes
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The Great Wave off Kanagawa (9.4 KB)

And now with the dual mesh


I work now on some more generic tool to make this non intersecting closed path. I don’t know its name. It is not really TSP as some points are not used (topology problem) but I use the logic described here and sort of cheapest insertion, I indeed have many rules, first edge, last edge, random edge, shortest edge, longest edge, lowest edge (this one has a flaw !)

So now instead of only a mesh, I use the topology of Cells/Faces. Could be mesh, ngon or other Network of Closed polycurves

Depending on the method to choose the path it goes quite everywhere or Not !

And it works on dual mesh.

As topology of large number of closed Polycurve could be long I added a component that outputs the topology of the dual mesh from a mesh.
It is not very fast (10 min for 60 000 faces) but far more fast that the connectivity from curve.


I added The possibility to have all paths from a topology that has many independent groups. Multiple letters for example

Still closed non intersecting path


Simple shapes remeshed with triremesh or quadremesh then some tsp applied.

Inspiration from Stijn Van Aardenne
he used my maze tool to make his work.


Amazing work, as always, Laurent !
I can see applications in wood milling.

Laurent, I like what you did. Super nice!—-Mark

@osuire thanks also. I will be happy to see results of milling. I just think there could be a problem as this tool doesn’t use all the points due to the fact that edge couldn’t be used more than one time. If needed some solutions could be found.

Damn this is amazing!

But can you make a cookiecutter? :see_no_evil:

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The GOAT subreddit.

@csykes what do you mean ?

Sorry the what is my cookie cutter is my favourite subreddit ever, it’s so cute, silly and wholesome

Thanks for the explanation. I quite never go to Reddit, but I saw sometimes some questions and good answer on Grasshopper topics.

It’s fantastic for very specific niches. If are curious about the best headphones to wear whilst diving, then Reddit will have a very lengthy, smug and opinionated answer for you.

Reddit is like the Captain Nemo with schizophrenia expert answer to any question… There’s answers in there that equal the architecture it would take to make a telescope to see a grain of sand on the moon from the earth’s surface (doable but silly stupid).

Creating a self-made Hokusai geometry GH module I would buy blindly however!

Being silly again, just ask any AI… I dont like this answer…