Protecting your GH scripts

I have been reading about protection of company proterty and this case I am talking about the Grasshopper scripts. I found topics about using clusters or some other stuff, but is not quite what I am looking for.

Therefore wanted to ask again in the round if you have stumbled upon a new solution.
Personaly I think, having the possibility to blur out (password protected) a part or the whole script would be a good solution. In this case nobody would be abble to reproduce the script. In addition, by using a cluster you could stop the computation in the first place. Therefore for the wrong hands, this file with data would be unusefull.

Do you think such a case would be possible?

Cluster password protection is like a piece of paper with the words “what’s written on the other side of this paper is a secret: don’t read it” and that is exactly the amount of protection it will give to your definition :slight_smile:

with cluster password protection you more rely on the user not willing to look into the cluster content, it is designed to not allow the user to make changes to a portion of a definition, but it’s not intended for distribution

usually the best way to distribute a component that works like a “black box” is to hard-code it and compile as a standalone Component / Plugin


I’ve linked here 2 comments from David that summarize it all, but you should read the whole threads…

Citing him:
“If you’re trying to protect your files against non-programmers, clusters with passwords are enough, if you’re trying to protect your files against programmers, you’re in the wrong Universe.”