Password protection?

Password protection ?

I have made some Grasshopper files for a compony to use, so they can produce drawings in Rhino.

The Grasshopper files are used by staff members, the resulting Rhino drawing going to the workshop.

I can password protect sections of the grasshopper file that are clustered.

However !

The password will not prevent wire disconnection, deleting, or copying of the protected cluster !

I am also wanting to have a small piece of text in the drawing indicating the compony name.

I have tried many ways to do this so it is protected. But the Password protection will not prevent the section from being deleted. Thus rendering the protection next to useless.

Is they’re away to lock, protect, whole sections of the Grasshopper file, so inadvertent or malicious damage can be prevented.

Also to have the compony name hidden in the grasshopper file, and be like a water mark on the Rhino drawing?

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Yes you can run Grasshopper headless with Rhino.Inside it requires some scripting knowledge. You won’t even need to open Rhino or Grasshopper if you don’t want.