How to protect a Grasshopper program


I did a grasshopper which will be use by different people in my company. I would like to make sure that this program is protected. I tried to put the program in a cluster and to assign a password but now it is very slow.

Have you got an idea to make sure that nobody can modify this grasshopper while people can normaly use it ?

Thanks in advance.

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It certainly shouldn’t be much slower when inside a cluster, I’d like to see this effect if you can share that file.

But even the cluster password protection isn’t genuinely protection, it will not stop anyone who knows a modicum of C#.

There is no way to protect a file that is expected to work without first decrypting it. If it must run when you load it, it must be automatically ‘openable’.

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Thank you for your quick answer.

Actually, people who will use it don’t know at all the C# language. This “protection” is basically to avoid that people modify the grasshopper file when they use it.

I can share you a video of the effect but not on “Rhino Discourse”. If you send me your details I would be happy to share it to you. If you don’t want to put your details on the discussion, this is my email address :

Send me an email and I’ll reply to you.

Thank you for the help.