PropertyListBox quit working

We have a computer down in Kentucky that had the PropertyListBox method quit working. The same scripts work as they should on other computers, but just that one ignores this method. They were 10 service releases behind when they first brought this to my attention, but even with SR21 it doesn’t work. Any suggestions?

Even this simple script fails on that one computer:

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

letters = ("A", "B", "C")
numbs = ("1", "2", "3")
results = rs.PropertyListBox(letters, numbs, "Test the PropertyListBox")
if results:
    print "success"



Hello Dan,
I can see a couple of other similar threads - it may be worth trying a repair on that machine.


Hi Graham,

Yes, I did try the repair but it didn’t help.



I discovered that the user had accidentally disabled the Rhinoscript plug-in. I enabled it and it’s working now. I didn’t consider that the Rhinoscript plug-in could have an effect on certain aspects of Python scripts.