Properties of Baked Elements (Element ID)

Revit Graphical Elements that are baked by right-click menu or Insert button come as Blocks, they are baked into Layers named after Categories, materials are created, etc. All of that is very convenient, especially if you want to bake something quickly, without using more sophisticated methods like extracting geometry, assigning attributes, baking with Elefront.

Would you consider adding a little bit more data to this quick bake method? The one I’m thinking about is Element ID as a User Attribute Text. This would allow me to stroll through scenes in Rhino, look at some objects, and then using Element ID highlight the same objects in Revit. Other handy properties would be Family name, Type name.

Of course, I can assign attributes by myself, but this is just a question for adding a little bit more convenience.

There is a lot of this information (depending on what you’re baking) already in the right click graphical element baked Rhino Object.

Such as Category, Type, GUID & UID. ElementID isn’t considered a stable value.

With all the possibilities, having the ability to add what UserText (via Elefront bake) you need in a particular scenario is an essential workflow. This will be even easier to customize with the Rhino 8 new GH1 data types.