Propeller rotation in Kangaroo

Dear all, I am struggling with a simulation of a propeller. It should start moving based on the wind force from Kangaroo. Can anyone help me? File attached here: (23.2 KB)

You have wind acting on the mesh, but only the corners of the mesh connected to the rigid body, and nothing else to resist the deformation of the propeller. Connecting all the mesh vertices to the rigid body points fixes this.
Also, the StepSolver is only really for making slider animations - it won’t show you live iterations like the regular Solver or Bouncy Solver components do.
I see you had some anchors connected to the tips of the propeller - I turned these off, as they will resist it getting turned by the wind.
Since it is only anchored at a single point with nothing constraining orientation, it is tumbling instead of spinning about an axis, so I added a support allowing rotation only about a single axis. (23.8 KB)

Hi Daniel, thank you for the reply and for Kangaroo!
The support is exactly what I was looking for!

It is interesting to note how much better it works if the original geometry is altered, e.g. minimising the area of the centre piece.

However, it seems to start to tumble after a while. It’s hard to figure out the relationship between vector amplitude (changed that) and support strength. Do you have any suggestions there?
Here is my updated file: (27.3 KB)

Best regards,

by the way, - I also refined the mesh, creating more points, which seems to work better.

Nevertheless, this is a matter of geometry, - modelling the propeller better will create a better simulation. Which should make very much sense and thereby prove that we can test designs in Kangaroo.

in case someone wonders, - this works only with Kangaroo Beta version 2.5