Spinning rigid objects in Kangaroo2



After seeing the tutorials in Kangaroo2 for wind simulation and rigid body simulation, I was wondering if there’s a way to spin solid objects on an axis. My first stab at this using the bouncy solver finds an equilbrium, so I wanted to know if there’s a way to vary the wind/improve on this definition so that I can spin the “door” around the global y axis.
door.gh (17.0 KB)


I’ve had a similar problem with trying to get things to spin.
What I’ve found best so far… (but still I don’t think is right once the part moves…

It’s a hexagonal polygon I’m spinning… top of this image I make it a part… I find the vector between successive vertices on the polygon in the lower section… then use the plane of the part from above … and a fader to keep adding an angle onto the transform…

Please tell me there’s a better way… I’d love to be able to find out from the kangaroo outputs about what forces I’m exerting on the polygon…

Here’s what I’m doing

it’s to simulate this…

and the .gha
Hoop rotation sim5.gh (40.1 KB)