Propagate ancestor not working - made cluster that works

Either I haven’t understood how “Propagate ancestor” from Treesloth works, or it just fails for some reason in this case.

Custom propagate (828.2 KB)


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Propagate Ancestors needs there to be a common path between the two data trees you want to integrate:

Hope this helps!

Where would this be more beneficial than longest list?

The use case in this thread isn’t really what I built it for…it’s definitely a very simple example, and for sure in this instance your solution is more suitable. PA is built for for more complex data relationships…say, for example, you have three surfaces that you’ve subdivided, and then built upon the subdivided elements…maybe even subdivided them, etc. And then you want all of those subdivided elements to tie back to the three original surfaces while retaining the more complex data structure:

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Hi Dave,

I think this is why I had a hard time understanding what this component did : in many cases, you don’t have a common branch number !
You might want to add this valueable info here.
I got it to work indeed, using the path mapper :

“Longest list” seems restricted to very basic cases.
It doesn’t work here, but PA does :

Longest List Vs (16.2 KB)

I see that “Propagate ancestors” works with multiple shared root paths…