Prompt user to unselect objects?

I have many objects selected and I want to deselect some of them and create two groups.
group1 the ones which are still selected
group2 the ones I just deselected

Something like this:

all_objs_id = rs.GetObjects()
unselect_objs_id = rs.PromptUnselectObjects()

group1_objs_id = list(set(all_objs_id) - set(unselect_objs_id))
group2_objs_id = unselect_objs_id

Any suggestions?

You could also hide the unnecessary objects :

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

all_objs_id = rs.GetObjects()
unwanted = set(rs.VisibleObjects())- set(all_objs_id)
group2_objs_id = rs.GetObjects()
group1_objs_id = list(set(all_objs_id) - set(group2_objs_id))

Hi @Bogdan_Chipara, here is an example which you could use.


Hi @clement,
I had a look at the example. Problem is that I also need window selection, I can’t select the objects one by one because there are too many. (I’m also very bad with Rhino. namespace)

@Dancergraham, I can’t use hide and show since I have other objects in the scene besides the ones I want to group.