Projecting lines on a curve Perpendicular

My results are.


Do one thing share your file. Always do this here.

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my (10.1 KB)
kindly place points on both side of intersection on curve. and return file for study.
thanks alot for your help.
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First internalize curve data.


Data tree method. Plugin used (Treesloth | Food4Rhino)

Now pay me…

my (10.5 KB)

my test Noob (1) BVR (8.5 KB)


Thanks alot.

The expression on the Move ‘T’ input is “-x/2” (without quotes):

my (9.0 KB)

Or without Align Plane:

my (7.8 KB)

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Thanks bro. highly appreciated your help.

I wouldn’t have touched it without your file, which didn’t appear until the 13th post in this thread!?
Always post a file when you start a thread.

More than this his explanation made me crazy…

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Hi Sir thanks alot for help.
could you do a further bit. by copy points on both directions.
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You could use the end points of the line. Show some initiative, don’t ask to be spoon fed here.

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This kind of approach doesn’t help you for your study.

Yes Sir i did tried so got success on one side only as the other side i dont know what to do.
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my (9.2 KB)

my (7.0 KB)

Thanks Sir. really appreciated your help.

Wasting time @Joseph_Oster @ajarindia calling sir when he needs help n marking different solutions changing dear thanks accordingly you guys focus. Dont waste time on these kind of people. I was following this post from the first.

What is your point here? Stalker…
What is this forum for? To get help are to stalk on peoples who do what.

Use horizontal frames, to create lines there are other methods. (8.7 KB)

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