Lines from two degree 3 curves

Hello guys,
I am still pretty new to grasshopper and think that this problem should be very simple but I don’t know enough yet to find a solution…

I wanted to create lines like in the first picture. Between both curves and all around them.
But what I get this:

What am I missing or doing wrong? When I try this with two circles it works just fine:

I really hope that this question is not too stupid and would really appreciate it if anyone could help me with it!

Flip Matrix. It might be necessary to align seams (start/end points) but I didn’t in this case.

Thank you Joseph for the quick response! I tried it and it works but it’s not really what I was looking for…
I actually wanted to create lines which go perpendicular from the outer to the inner curve and thought just connecting the points like that would solve it. Sorry for not wording my problem correctly…
Do you know how I could achieve the perpendicular lines?

Thanks in advance!

seems related to this recent thread

the difference is that the curves go from interior to exterior, which is fine, you’ll just need to tweak the logic a bit

Yes I do, but some of the perpendicular lines don’t intersect the inner curve in my example.

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Looks like your curves are perpendicular to the inner curve, not the outer curve?

Hi, HS_Kim!

Thanks for your quick response,too! May I ask which Curve you set for the curve component? (outer or inner) or why is it that I am getting this message from the Project Point Component.

I attached my file too maybe you could point out my mistakes better that way.
Sorry to bother you and thanks alot!

Perp Lines .gh (6.9 KB)

Thank you! I’m going to check it out

woops, forgot to internalize the data:

Perp Lines_internalized .gh (16.9 KB)

Perp (13.8 KB)

You internalized only one curve, not two? Would have been nice to have your geometry (a file) in the very first post.

Hey, yea this is embarrassing…

I just started with Grasshopper a week ago and never used forums for things like these before. Sorry for the inconvenience…