Project to mesh bug, but convert to nurbs first gives good result

Hi guys,
I have a simple mesh that when curves are projected onto gives bad results:

But if I convert to nurbs first then the result is great.
Maybe related to why mesh split is so faulty.

ProjectCurvesToMeshMess.3dm (141.5 KB)


My first thought, your mesh resolution is terrible… since a surface is not provided i roughly rebuild the surface, and meshed it at a much higher resolution, however, the problem still exists.

What is your goal? I’m sure there is a quick work around.

Hi Jorgen - this works as expected in V7/WIP. There have been a lot of mesh intersection fixes in the WIP, just recently one related to projecting curves.


Nope, it’s fine.
If it was dense it would just produce more segments and unnecessary data both for stuff like this and make2D :wink:

Well mesh density depends what your usage for the object is going to be. I didn’t mean it how it sounded, i meant i thought that was cause… sorry.

FYI the denser the mesh the LESS of a problem, not worse. In what I’m seeing anyway.