"Project" point through mesh

I have a model with multiple closed meshes. There is also a point in between these meshes. For simplicity’s sake, the meshes represent a ribcage and the point represents the centroid of a lung tumor. I essentially am looking for a method that can allow me to “project” from the point outward and generate geometry that represents all possible rays from the point that do not intersect with the ribcage meshes. Any ideas on how this might be achieved would be greatly appreciated!

are you searching a volume ? / parts of a spherical surfaces ?

if you re talking about lines / rays you somehow have to define a density. Otherwise “all possible rays” - will give endless solutions
here is one approach that is starting with arround 700 rays, filtering the ones that hit the green meshes.

I am not sure if there is a nice, pure rhino-command based solution.
As fare is I know (but might be wrong) standard rhino commands do not allow to intersect a Mesh and a Line.
While the functionality is there in the API:
I did a fast script to filter the lines.

is this what you re after ?

kind regards - tom

rays_rips_cancer.3dm (4.0 MB)

Sorry, I realize my wording was a bit imprecise. Ideally I’d like to get a volume which defines the non-intersecting space projecting outward from the point. However if that’s not possible the approach you’ve shown would probably do the job Thank you very much!

… yes it s possible to get a volume also…
the workflow is not a one-click solution.

will you need this workflow once ? or several times ? or daily ?

what s the context of your question ?
professional, educational, … ?

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kind regards -tom