Intersecting surfaces

hi everybody
i am new at rhino. i import point cloud for layers i want to use. i create the mesh and i use drape to take a surface. when i use big distance between points in drape command, the surfaces are intersecting. how do i avoid intersections of surfaces in this procedure?

Perhaps you have a file to upload?

// Rolf

4.txt (639.9 KB)
9.txt (642.1 KB)
here are two files…
Thanks for answering Rolf…

Hello - can you upload the Rhino file that you have so far?


Hi Pascal
here is the file…f1.3dm (297.0 KB)

and the point cloud and the nurbs surfaces
f2.3dm (1.7 MB)

hi Pascal, did you have a look at the model?

Hi John - it looks to me like you’ll need to be more pains-taking about surfacing the point clouds or meshes - neither the meshes nor the surfaces are very accurate as far as hitting the points goes One surface is unlikely to be the answer here unless it is quite dense.