Project onto topo and extrude?

I’ve patched contours, and now have a topo. I’m now projecting building foot prints onto the topo, however when I extrude the buildings won’t cap or become solid because the extrusions follow the topography and are not flat on top. there must be a way through either projection or extrude where the “buildings” are extruded as closed “buildings” that sit on the topo. Anybody who’s worked with rhino and site models have any suggestions?

thanks in advance

You can try the attached script, I just revamped it this morning in fact…

Just copy it somewhere on your computer and then type _RunPythonScript, browse to the script file and OK. Building footprints must be closed planar curves, projection is in the World Z direction. You have a command line option of either “to surface” or “in surface”, the second I think is what you want, it will implant the buildings fully into the terrain model. The terrain model can consist of either meshes or surfaces or both.

I also have scripts for projecting finished building volumes.

–Mitch (3.1 KB)

Hi Mitch,

I’ll give that a try, thanks very much!

Hello - You might also try ExtrudeCrv > ToBoundary, with your terrain surface as the boundary.