How to project geometry into terrain?

I have a site terrain and site plan. I want to project roads, pedestrian ways, buildings, which I will model , into this site. But I could not make it. I tried to project plan curves into terrain then patch the closed curves, otherwise they cant be capped. But those patches have no precision. There are some blanks between terrain. How can I project those breps into my terrain precisely. Thanks!

If you project planar curves onto the terrain, they will no longer be planar, thus they can not be capped. You need to extrude the building curves first, cap them, then move them vertically onto the terrain surface - get the building footprint projected onto the terrain, get its lowest point elevation and move the building vertically to this elevation in Z.

Oh, and by the way - buy a license…

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Thanks, i will try it and I will buy soon :slight_smile: