Programming on C# additional radio buttons, drop-down menus, sliders, etc. in the grasshopper node

Hello Guys

Please tell me, I often meet in grasshoppers a lot of nodes with additional buttons, drop-down menb, sliders, and so on. for example, there are many such nodes in the karamba3d plugin.

I looked on the Internet for templates and code samples, how can I write additional buttons on the C# for the node, but did not find it?

Maybe someone else has such examples and templates? Can you please share?

For example, I divided the buttons into groups.



изображение (32.8 KB)

yes. is there a way that develpers can throw or modify interface of a component?

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Hey :slight_smile:

maybe this one will help you: How to script 'BUTTON' on the component

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Thanks for the link, it turns out this topic was also raised on the example of karamba3d )))

but there is little in the topic from 2018, as I understand there is some kind of example in Grasshopper SDK documentation. but I didn’t find it.

can anyone have a sample code for such components?