Professional Consultancy : Structure of New Generation of Airships (Zeppelin)


I am a designer and I work for the company FLYING WHALES, a zeppelin company.
As part of its design, we work on the structure of the airship in relation to its shape.
Thus, we would like to work on a parametric approach of the structure in order to be able to iterate on it.
And to do so, we are looking for an “expert” mastering the Grasshopper tool.

I allow to contact this forum to look for a Grasshopper Developer who would be interested to work us on this project ?

Below, you will find a brief explanation of the problem.

Hoping that my approach will be successful, I wish you a very good day.

Kind regards,

Request for Grasshopper Study for Flying Whales
An airship consists of a structure covered with a textile envelope cut into
different panels.

The first objective is to rationalize the panels of the outer shell (and potentially the structure) in order to have as few panel references as possible.

The structure of the airship is composed of a mesh of beams.
These beams are located on the periphery and reproduce a defined shape.
The purpose of the structure is to create the desired shape but also to support the forces.

Thus, the mesh and in particular the points of intersection between the beams are
defined by calculations. As this shape is complex (only one left/right symmetry),
the beams all have different references. The aim of the exercise is to reduce the number of beam references by standardizing them.

The objective is therefore to start from the existing mesh of intersection points
and thedeform “slightly” so as tobe able to reduce the reference number of

The image opposite illustrates this exercise: in grey the original shape
composed of all unique beams, in black the optimized shape composed
of a limited number of unique beams (reduction of the reference number;

The black form(optimized) is slightly offset in relation to the grey form (original).A
balance must therefore be found between reducing the number of references and
shifting from the original form.


I can help in this.

You can reach me on Skype: cis.am4 or Email: so that we can discuss this further.


sent you a pm


Votre projet est beaucoup plus lié à la définition d’un algorithme plutôt que la maîtrise d’une application particulière.

Lorsque vous parlez de références vous faites référence à une barre des quatre composants une intersection ?

Avez-vous une idée du nombre de références souhaitées ?

Quelle tolérance de déviation avez-vous entre l’original et le résultat ? J’imagine que la structure à des contraintes de forces fortes.


Designing airships looks like so much fun!