Airplane mockup

This is a rendering of the structure for a hypersonic vehicle a friend and I have been playing around with. About 90 percent of the fuselage structure is made from a Grasshopper program I wrote. That was quite the learning process. The rest of the structure is geometry I created in Rhino.

The people, shelves, tables and laser tracker are from various websites.

Rendered using native Rhino 7 render tool.


Really cool and interesting job. Could you pleas tell us a little bit on the process or what do you mean by “Grasshopper program I wrote”? Did you write in C, or Python?

Very cool generative design, I would like to know more. Cool!

Appologies for the delay in responding, a lot has changed on this project recently which has kept me busy.

When I mentioned creating a Grasshopper program I meant it was done just using Grasshopper components, no code. Sorry for the confusion.

What would you like to discuss about this project ?