Product renders with V7 or V8

I am wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction to render some jars of food, mostly condiments like mustard, ketchup & hot sauces. I haven’t used Rhino or rendered in it in ages and this is a side gig I got myself into.

The outside will be glass or transparent plastic with solid inside. I have looked at this thread from years ago … Rhino Render: Glass and liquid - #8 by OSTexo

Thanks, Randy

I’d start here-

one ultra important thing about glass in rhino - make sure the object is a closed and valid object, OR use the thickening display effect to make sure the IOR calculates correctly.

open surfaces or un-thickened surfaces will not render correctly in glass.

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Thanks @theoutside exactly what I was looking for.

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happy to try and answer any questions where I can be useful-

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