Procreate 3d

Hi everyone. Procreate just released its latest version which allows you to import 3d models to paint on. The formats sopported are obj, usdz. I’ve tried exporting my files as obj from rhino (as I’ve done for 3d printing, and other exports) but have had no luck getting into procreate. Has anyone else tried this and had success?

This should work in principle if you choose mesh (not nurbs surface) when exporting.

Thanks, That’s what I thought as well, but it hasn’t worked.

You can try the usdz exporter from SimlabSoft.

Did you try export the obj with naming options “As OBJ groups” and Mesh welded, no NGons and ExporttextureCoordiantes checked?
IDK for ProCreate, but for all other softwares I’m using that demand obj it’s the only options working correctly, except for “texture export”, but I guess this is rather important for you.

You have to make sure you apply a UV map in rhino to your model before exporting as an OBJ.
If the file does not have UV map, procreate does not know what to paint on.

my obj has uv applied and I still get “no valid meshes” from procreate when trying to export.

if you have done it with success, would you mind giving me a run-down of how and what you did to make it work?

I was just trying this. You should make sure that you have the .mtl file right by the .obj file when opening it in procreate. The only problem I have had so far is that when you open a cleanly made rhino object in procreate, it creates holes in areas close to edges, such as where it is filleted. I should try what Ben said above to see if it is still going to be the same.

Happened to both welded and unmodified export from Rhino; and it’s just a native torus.