Problematic shading of selected Hatches

Selected Hatches goes all yellow which leads to problems with snapping to the right place.
There is an option to control shading of selected surfaces and meshes but not for hatches.

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This is truly a problem. I had in a back of my head for a long time, always forgot to mention.

Many times I fight with myself - Stop my work and report it or continue working?
A lot of things lands in my Rhino - complaints list and waits to be documented and published.

Exactly my case :-), hoping someone will be more willing to do it.

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Hello - I know… this is logged here
I gave it a nudge.



My workaround is to switch to a display mode that has ‘Annotations’ turned off. It’s inelegant but works alright if the hatches are within blocks that are being moved.

Yellow, but with a transparency parameter would do. Difficult to do?