Problem wth extrusion of two curbs


I’m drawing an organic structure.
This is complex.
Now, with the curbs number , i have a big problem i hadn’t with the others: when i extrude, it’s like a ribbon for the external curb, and only the interior curb is an extrusion full. I tried the function “cap planar holes” it it’s written it’s impossible…
Sorry, my commercial software is in french but i try two explain each step with photos…
Thanks so much if you can help me…
First picture: only the inerior curb is an extrusion
[Lien vers mon image](Lien vers mon image)

Two: the exterior curb is only a ribbon when i do the extrusion, and that’s not what i want… i wanted to have an extrusion of the two curbs…
[Lien vers mon image](Lien vers mon image)

Number 3
Wee see that there are 2 curbs.
I creat the little, with the first one, and after i did a “décalage” of 4 cm at the interior…
Lien vers mon image

Number 4
When i try to extrude, i have this message "certaines courbes sélectionnées se replient sur elles mêmes. You can have unexpected results. Do you want to extrude?"
Lien vers mon image

Hi FabLab - please post the curves in a 3dm file, I’ll take a look.


Number 5
I try to give the direction of the extrusion
Lien vers mon image

Number 6
We see how are the 2 curbs after the extrusion… one is full, the interior one, and the other is a ribbon… and i don’t know why…

Lien vers mon image

Number 7

I show that the others extrusions are good…
Lien vers mon image

Numbr 8
And i don’t know why the external curb is only a ribbon…

Lien vers mon image

Number 9

At the left, i show a good extrusion, i did with the same method, and at the right, i show my unexpected extrusion…and really i don’t know why, and what to do… it’s 2 hours i try to have a soolution…
Lien vers mon image

So, thanks so much if you can help me! :slight_smile:

Hi Pascal, how can i here, post a 3DM file?


Ok! Thanks!Essai courbe.3dm (8.1 MB)

I think it’s ok!

Ooof. Can you please post the curves that are in your images? I have no idea what is what in this file…


Hi Pascal!
On the active layer i just come to put you the two curbs.
In the layer “extrude”, i show you the problem i have…
Thanks so much!
SandrineEssai courbe.3dm (1.2 MB)

Hi Fablab - both of the curves are open curves (SelOpenCrv) so capping cannot work. Use CrvEnd and CrvStart in V5 (ShowEnds in v6/WIP) to locate the parts to clean up.


Hi Pascal, thanks so much! The only thing is that i have the french version Rhino, and i don’t know where it is on the tool bar? If you could show me where it is on the english toolbar of rhino version 5, i think i can be able to find it on the french version, because the logo picture is the same, but i don’t know where it is! :slight_smile:
Thanks so much!


Hi! Thanks!
Well, i tried to use this
[Lien vers mon image](Lien vers mon image)

And it works good but now, with another 2 curbs, that i closed in the same way, i really don’t understand what happended…
I can’t have what i want…