Save to IGES - surface issue

Hello there! Saved developed in rhino surface to IGES, opened this IGES file in Rhino to proof and what I see is weird broken surface, tried to fix it with “rebuild edges” and it repairs the general shape but in the same time cut it in some odd way, please see the pic. Whats going on?


P.S for some reason I cant add tags like iges to topic, why? This is my first topic.

That’s hard to tell without the file. Could you upload that one here? Generally round-tripping a file should work and I guess that @tim might be interested in taking a look at this file…

Tags are not really needed - they might aid in finding a specific topic when you are using the search tool. Be sure to pick a category though as that will tell us what version of Rhino that you are using (though it doesn’t hurt to also mention which Service Release…).

Thanks a lot for your respond!
Here are the files:handle_original.3dm (178.0 KB)
360_01_handle.igs (1.2 MB)

Hi Andre - I get bad results as well - I’ll look into it - thanks for the file.