Problem with organization inside a list

Hi! this is the problem: I have a set of curves to intersect with a set of surfaces. The idea is to extract the segments of the curves that intersect with each individual surface. No problem so far. BUT the segments of the curves resulting from the described operation, are scattered through the resulting list instead of having a number of list inside the list equal to the number of surfaces: In the example attached there are five surfaces and a set of curves. There sould be five lists (one for each surface) with the corresponding segments from the intersection of each surface with the set of curves.
So, How do i group the segments according to the surface it belongs?

Patrones de (35.5 KB)

Is this what you want? I just grafted the surface output and added Pshift at the end to group by path.

Patrones de corte (25.9 KB)

Excellent!!! Thank you very much!

Could you please explain the actions you took? why was necesary Pshift?

Ah!, is there a way to operate with branches as if they were items?

Tnx again